Best Cydia Apps For iOS 7


Best Cydia Apps For iOS 7 To get these packages add this source to Cydia: FOR UP TO DATE ON IPHONE JAILBREAKS AND APPLE NEWS AND MORE PLEA…

25 Responses to “Best Cydia Apps For iOS 7”

  1. DSYatesProductions says:

    Every time I add a source I get these errors ‘Failed to fetch…’ and ‘Some
    index files failed to download…’

  2. Rudy Pacheco says:

    Does dreamboard work yet on iOS 7

  3. River lee says:

    Question for you, can you please answer me, I jail broke my iphone 5 today
    but noticed the tweaks anything I bought or got from cydia is not showing
    up in my settings, could you tell me why? They use too and I jail broke a
    4S today and it’s show in that phones settings the tweaks or programs I got
    from cydia… What should I do thank you so much. I subscribed & thumbs

  4. MADagain321 says:

    Next to no cydia tweaks work on ios 7 yet which is annoying

  5. caroline loo-lew says:

    how do u get cydia?

  6. Angel Alvarado says:


  7. Abel Delgado says:

    Nice video! Please keep them coming. Just got one more sub…. Also, do you
    know if winterboard is already compatible with ios 7 ( iPhone 5) please let
    me know. Thank you 

  8. Waddhanaboth Yi says:


  9. M3RKMarkiie says:


  10. juliam Morales says:

    How come movie box dose not let me watch or download anything help meee

  11. Romeo Mejia says:

    Movie box, i love that app :) 

  12. kingchavez152 says:

    @iDeviceHelpus hey do you know how to transfer moviebox downloads to iTunes
    videos? I am having trouble using ifile to do it. I click add to ipod
    library but it wont do it.

  13. Raynier Reynoso says:

    are you hispanic, idevicehelpus

  14. Heisenberg H.E.Warren says:

    Zappotv is really good app if you want to stream movies from i device to
    your tv works like Apple TV without the mirror works very well to. 

  15. FuckOuttaHere says:

    great video also you sound like a “super nerd” (your voice)

  16. AK474000 says:

    Mobile Substrate which is needed for a lot of the tweaks to work is not
    officially updated to support IOS 7 or the A7 64-bit chips. Until Mobile
    Substrate is officially supported, more tweaks will become available. 

  17. TROUBLE RS says:


  18. Kha Nguyen nguyen says:

    Someone plz help how do I download games it won’t let me on appcake I have
    ios 7.04

  19. Pichar Vemmer Panicharnoorak says:

    I can smile

  20. SaaannCHIPS says:

    how do i get movie box, i cant find it in search (cydia), or if you can
    give me the link to it.

  21. Rehmangul Gul says:


  22. TheFrenchMC says:

    I love music box

  23. Otitochukwu Chukwukadibia says:

    Can’t see any source here help pls.

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