Download Paid Apps for Free – FASTER Using a Computer


In this video tutorial, I will be showing you how to download paid apps/games for FREE, but this time using a computer. This is a more reliable and faster wa…

25 Responses to “Download Paid Apps for Free – FASTER Using a Computer”

  1. appletechspot says:

    It is usually faster and more reliable to use this method to get cracked apps/game, which contain big files (such as GTA, etc.). Check out my other videos on my channel and subscribe for more content. Thanks!

  2. VictoryToVictory says:

    Are these apps cracked right back fast! I’m waiting.

  3. appletechspot says:

    That’s is because you don’t have any apps/games on your iTunes. Since there is nothing in the Apps tap, the tab does not appear. So, the fix is simple. Either download any free app/game from iTunes or transfer one or more apps/games over from your iDevice, to your computer, onto iTunes. Subscribe for more content. Thanks!

  4. ProHDGamingExperienc says:

    i dont have the apps i only have Music, Movies and TV shows pls help

  5. appletechspot says:

    Glad the tutorial helped! I use this method a lot when downloading games which contain big files such as GTA, as it works better. Thanks for subscribing. More content to come!

  6. Sajid Rashed says:

    Thx a lot bro!!!!This has helped me so much! :D definitely subscribing!!

  7. appletechspot says:

    No problem. Subscribe for more content. Thanks!

  8. yazan alagha says:

    thank you very much

  9. appletechspot says:

    No problem. Glad I could help. Enjoy getting free apps/games!

  10. appletechspot says:

    Sweet! Glad it works now. =D

  11. appletechspot says:


  12. Dimitri Kampitsis says:

    will do :) thanks for your help

  13. Dimitri Kampitsis says:

    i have appsync installed and i run 6.1 jailbroken, i fixed the problem though. i had to downgrade my itunes and that seemed to fix the problem :)

  14. thebossgamers23 says:

    Do you have to connect it

  15. appletechspot says:

    Yes, because you do need Appsync to be able to sync the cracked apps/games. I have a video on how to jailbreak ANY iDevice from firmware 6.0 all the way through 6.1.2. Although, you can only jailbreak the iPhone 4, 3GS and iPod Touch 4G on IOS 6.1.3. Subscribe for more content and updates. Thanks!

  16. Sathvik Kiran says:

    Do u need jail-break for this ??

  17. appletechspot says:

    Did the app/game transfer properly. Also, you do need to have installed Appsync for your iDevice’s firmware, in order to sync the cracked application. Without Appsync, the app/game won’t transfer to your iDevice.

  18. Dimitri Kampitsis says:

    the app doesnt show up on my phone

  19. appletechspot says:

    You need to click “Show Sidebar” under the View tab. Also, if you have already done so and the Apps tab is still not there, what you need to do is either download any app from iTunes, so you have an app/game on your iTunes. If you do not have an app/game on your iTunes, there is nothing in the Apps tab, therefore it does not appear. Subscribe fore more content. Thanks!

  20. Dimitri Kampitsis says:

    i dont have the app tab on my itunes

  21. appletechspot says:

    Yes, this does work on mac.

  22. onLyLEGITkID says:

    does this work on mac

  23. appletechspot says:

    Haha, check out my other videos! Subscribe for more content. Thanks!

  24. pok chanara says:

    i want to know you more about ios…>!

  25. appletechspot says:

    Do you have enough space for the application on your iDevice? Also, sometimes the .ipa file which you download is corrupt. So try downloading a different one (click on a different download link). Subscribe for more content. Thanks!