How to Make Free Calls on Android Tablet or Phone (VOIP)


INITIAL INVESTMENT REQUIRED. APP COST’S .99 — Best money I ever spent, it pays for itself. Ever wonder if it was possible to use your phone data/wifi to …

15 Responses to “How to Make Free Calls on Android Tablet or Phone (VOIP)”

  1. Saudademaru Envy says:

    Thanks, this looks like an interesting app.

  2. Jay Fitz says:

    i figured it out ty

  3. Jay Fitz says:

    great thanks man i just got a tablet my phone was cracked on its screen so now i can use my tablet rather than shelling out for another smartphone just wonder do i have to keep my smartphone with me to use my tablet / how dooe that work if im out of the house? thanks

  4. javed shaikh says:


  5. javed shaikh says:


  6. Vusa Vi says:

    You cam use iglobecall just google it it’s much easier and cheap to make calls internationally.

  7. cu2nytt says:

    who the hell pays for it

  8. VincentAnzalone says:

    I haven’t tried it over 3G, but it works on 4G perfectly. I receive all incoming calls weather on WiFi or mobile data. To receive calls you have to go to google voice website on your computer and sign in. Go to settings and make sure that “forward calls to google chat” is selected

  9. Dr Rafi Khattak says:

    Great Video! I have been using Groove IP for a while, but the one thing I hate about it is the failure of incoming calls getting through. I simply cant get it fixed. How easy is it to get incoming calls over this with WiFi or 3G data only. Not the TMobile minutes. Can you help out? I am in the same situation as you.. wanna save all the 100 min for emergency purposes. And use this Gvoice as primary incoming and outgoing. Thanks for the guidance.

  10. VincentAnzalone says:

    Not a problem! I figured it would be useful to others as well, good to hear it is.

  11. VincentAnzalone says:

    I’m not entirely sure actually. Try to set up a google voice number that would have a united states area code and phone number and that may work. Let me know if that works!

  12. MrJag1958 says:

    Thank you VERY much!!!!

  13. Zachary Meiners says:

    Will this work if i am out of the country and calling back to the u.s.?

  14. VincentAnzalone says:

    yes works flawlessly on my wifi (5mbps). you onlu buy it once and you own it with any device that uses your gmail account

  15. EKTORF says:

    Is it working fine over Wi-Fi too? Do you have to buy it again if you want install it in a tablet also?