LG 840G – Downloading Free Games and Apps


After surfing the web last year for java games for my lg 800g, I found that umnet.com is the best source for java games. Whenever a website asks you for a ph…

25 Responses to “LG 840G – Downloading Free Games and Apps”

  1. killertruth186 says:

    clayton savage it’s at m.umnet.com

  2. marsonic12 says:

    and can you help me on instagram ples everybody has it ecept me

  3. marsonic12 says:

    with finding the right website i went there but i didnt see it can you make a new vide starting from the very beginging to like typing the addres in?

  4. Clayton Savage says:

    Where do you get the download ID? I cant find it please respond.

  5. jbasketballgirl16 says:

    Almost always, yes. But I posted another video on how to remove it.

  6. jbasketballgirl16 says:

    help with what?

  7. Elitetank87 says:

    Is that keypad thing always a the bottom?

  8. marsonic12 says:

    some one any one i need games HELP ME!!!!!

  9. marsonic12 says:

    mine dosnt work dude pls help me

  10. marsonic12 says:

    but instagram?

  11. marsonic12 says:

    but instagram?

  12. Amber Fry says:

    do you know the ID for kakaotalk?

  13. jbasketballgirl16 says:

    Thank you very much! Please check out my new tutorials channel: JaninaTutorials. I will try to answer any questions you have :)

  14. Veronica Jenkins says:

    you can try this link and codes are
    try it as long it lasts

  15. killertruth186 says:

    4 those who still didnt figure it out how to get to download id on your cellphone go to m.umnet.com and click the top right and click on the make and model of your phone

  16. killertruth186 says:

    no problem

  17. killertruth186 says:

    your videos is very helpfull

  18. Jessica pretty says:

    I heard they got subway surfers temple run.

  19. STARWARSFAN8100 says:

    thank you!!!!

  20. killertruth186 says:

    here’s a free tip use wifi on the internet. tracfone and net 10 will never charge you using the internet on the wifi I have recently tried it I never got charged for using the wifi for the internet

  21. Rachel Alazar says:

    For people who just transfer to the phone here’s how I do it, I use the phone go to the mobile download by ID site, WAP.umnet.com, then I use my tablet or any other type of internet, and go to the downloads site and get the apps by ID there

  22. Rachel Alazar says:

    I have a question is there a code for Instagram or kik for java?

  23. Faith Hope AG says:

    Why does the website ask for my credit card info. Don’t trust it

  24. xadam2dudex says:

    u have bluetooth or r u using a desktop ? if u have bluetooth u can transfer the file that way

  25. xadam2dudex says:

    McAfee SiteAdvisor list this site ( Umnet ) as suspicious …I have been to this site before not sure if I trust it