The 10 Best iOS 6 Tweaks Of 2013 For iPhone & iPod “Best Cydia Jailbreak Apps & Tweaks”


Best iOS 6 Cydia Apps And Tweaks Of 2012 For iPhone & iPod Touch ATTENTION! New Top 30+ Tweaks Video OFFICIAL for iOS 6 & 2013 Click HERE: How i Get FREE iTunes & Amazon Giftcards and Pay Pal cash Here LEGIT! My FULL Guide How To Get Paid Apps For FREE Here: More Ways ADDED What Tweaks Work On iOS 6 Jailbreak? HUGE List Here: NEW VIDEO get paid apps and giftcards for FREE! 100% legit http Please Share this video! click to tweet: JAILBREAK iOS 6 HERE: _________________________________________________________ Tweaks As Shown: 1. Activator Free 2. Barrel .99 3. BlurriedNCBackground Free 4. DashboardX .99 5. NCSettings Free 6. BytaFont And “Boxii Font” Free 7. Deck .99 8. iFile .00 9. iCleaner Free 10. OmniStat Widget For Notification Center Free ________________________________________________________ Check Out My Website! View More iDeviceMovies http Like Everything iDevice On Facebook! Follow iDeviceMovies on Twitter: Follow Jeremy on Twitter: About Everything iDevice & iDeviceMovies: EiD is a blog site that gives you complete coverage of Apple, iOS, Mac, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Apple TV, Cydia, Jailbreak, Winterboard themes, Tweaks, Hacks, Mods and Apps. Basically anything that involves your Apple products hardware to software.

24 Responses to “The 10 Best iOS 6 Tweaks Of 2013 For iPhone & iPod “Best Cydia Jailbreak Apps & Tweaks””

  1. Burak LoqqaL says:

    U r realyy bad to perform ur video . 2 min for ur advertising than 2 min to instraction than finally we can reach the fking tweaks

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  4. OsKReApZ says:

    i DL’ed OmniStat but it doesnt pop up in my settings or NC how do i get it to work??

  5. Midstr8 says:

    Deck is nice thanks

  6. Joaquim Inverno says:

    it lets him know people liked his video.

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  8. fsxnoob says:

    Has to do with search results, more thumbs up = quality = higher ranked at search engine

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  12. skullgrinder jones says:

    need Nitrous tweak for free ASAP!

  13. Theprogamerisme says:

    just check your comment…

  14. Gman0Elite says:

    He gets a good rap and money.

  15. Trenton Stambaugh says:

    Your weather App, Is that Edgerton MO or Edgerton KS?

  16. italiangspot says:

    Waiting for apptivator and gridlock to get updated for IOS6

  17. SalcinChannel1996 says:

    h8ers gonna h8

  18. erichess2011 says:

    check out my top 10 cydia apps and tweaks at my channel :)

  19. Thandar Win says:

    how to do to connect to itunes to my iphone4s which cannot connect to itunes because an ivalid response received from the device. please help me.

  20. Radam53142 says:

    No we’re not…

  21. MegaRsMasta says:

    Lol actually many cydia tweaks are paid.
    But there are sources that have almost ALL paid apps which you could download for free.

  22. DrSOUNDIFY says:

    Hey what’s the dashboard x widget he is using in the vid called?

  23. enigmaliveify says:

    you don’t pay for any of this lol

  24. Francisco Zuniga says:

    Deck is not supported in ios 6