Top 10 Best iPhone & iPod Touch Apps 2013


Here are my top 10 best apps for iphone ipod and ipad of 2013. This is part 1 of my monthly series. 1: Feature Points – Get Paid Apps For FREE! 2: Rise 3: Auto Care 4: Shazam Free Version – Paid Version – 5: Temple Run 2 6: AccuWeather 7: Trial Xtreme 3 8: Pic Stitch 9: National Geographic World Atlas 10: Repulze My Giveaway Video Guide ___________________________________________________ Add Me To Google+ My Instagram Photos View More iDeviceMovies Stuff Like Everything iDevice On Facebook! Follow iDeviceMovies on Twitter! About Everything iDevice & iDeviceMovies: EiD is a blog site that gives you complete coverage of Apple, iOS, Mac, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Apple TV, Cydia, Jailbreak, Winterboard themes, Tweaks, Hacks, Mods and Apps. Basically anything that involves your Apple products hardware to software.

24 Responses to “Top 10 Best iPhone & iPod Touch Apps 2013”

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  2. JamieLovesGirls19 says:

    Is there a Facebook app cause i’m having trouble getting all my FB feeds?

  3. Mustangboy955 says:

    I Subscribed you!

  4. Green Dragon says:

    Nice video and apps

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  6. Jonny Cash says:

    your wallpaper ?

  7. connor haworth says:

    I like pie

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  9. Christian Cruz says:

    If you haven’t, Jeremy, try out Tiled as an alternative to PicStitch. Not only does it have that square format but landscape and portrait. :) just a suggestion!

  10. AppleH3lper says:

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  11. Jasel Hernandez says:

    Thanks bro

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  13. Ingrid Karina says:

    It often changes.

  14. Jackson Tallman says:

    what is the source for this apps? im new to jail break

  15. Marco Diego says:

    Hahaha national geographic isn’t free sir!

  16. Damian Rios says:

    4:13 Flowers Tattoo

  17. kaya can yıldız says:


  18. Brian White says:

    national geographic isn’t free

  19. Jorge Padilla says:

    if you’re on 6.1 you can just go to cydia and look for evasi0n 6.x untether and download the package and restart your phone.

  20. kaya can yıldız says:

    can you tell me the name or link of your wallpaper in iphone pls? I really like that

    thank you

  21. kadabra93 says:

    how do you get the see through notifications center??

  22. DjBlaaack says:

    Can u please do a video showing feature points in action

  23. Tay Swift says:

    i was about to download the world atlas and now it cost 1.99 damn