Top 10 Must Have Android Apps For Galaxy Note 3


These are some of the Best (Must Have) Apps for Galaxy Note 3. All these apps are very useful & handy. Part 2 : Coming Soon ! Apps in this Video : (00:34)Dri…

25 Responses to “Top 10 Must Have Android Apps For Galaxy Note 3”

  1. Ovy G says:

    how do you get the white keyboard on your black Note3? I had the white
    keyboard when I bought it, but after a short time it turned into a black
    keyboard. is there any setting to change it back to white? why did it turn
    black? is it an update involved?

  2. Prakash Thapa says:

    Dude! Are you Nepalese? I saw your locations listed as Kathmandu on your

  3. JediWigSplitta says:

    JOHNNY 5 is alive 

  4. Nicole Arian says:


  5. Shade Miller says:

    if you guys want to know what the apps are, there’s a description for a

  6. Jonathan Borja says:

    You sound like Rajesh Ramayan Koothrappal. Do you take requests? say this
    in your next video nikka: “I am standing here beside myself.”

  7. Albert Lacen says:

    Nice video thanks for the Advanced Mobile Care that is nice i have Avast
    but for the juck file it was nice

  8. Devere Traylor says:

    Tube mate doesn’t play sound

  9. mAndro Hz says:

    Hi Thanks for your reviews !
    about video recording resolution.
    the note 3 seems to have only very hi res 1080 p720p and in the low res
    only very low 320×240
    is there a way to get lower resolutions (720×480 , 640×480 )
    Is there a good camera app for this?
    I tried some app but the sound quality was bad.


  10. muhammad says:

    hi i just need to know that whether the folllowing app run on galaxy note
    3 as i m planning to buying note 3 in future
    this is lecture Note app

  11. Damonii Ayreborn says:

    This is stupid, Flip A Clip, MYSCRIPT Calculator, SIGNiificant, Sketchbook,
    Wallet all much more suited for note 3.

    Also Even Game of Phones and Splashtop are better options.

  12. Simon Gustafsson says:

    Why is this for Note 3? maybe for all android, but nothing for note
    also all things have both a good side and a bad, dont only talk about how
    good everything is, the you just sound like you are trying to sell it.

    Otherwise good video! ;) 

  13. TagYouArePregnant says:

    I’m really shocked that a lot of these “top # android” apps don’t include
    beastly apps like CHOMP SMS, Lightflow, Swiftkey & Swapps.
    Check those out, HIGHLY recommended.

  14. fuzzywuzzy2622 says:

    Zedge is my favorite picture, wallpaper, ringtone site. I’ve been a member
    for years. Thanks for the review. I’m going to try a few of your

  15. Levani Kurtauli says:

    great video -_-

  16. Jan lakič says:

    i have note 3 and its amazing phone ! 

  17. Ido Wiseman says:

    WHERE IS THAT BACKGROUND FROM IN 4.00?!?!?!??!?!?!!?!?!?!?!

  18. Sharifah Sharifah says:


  19. theostinato says:

    Number 1 app for note 3 is “Disable Increasing Ring” period!

  20. Avishek Kejriwal says:

    by mistake i have deleted the home base.. and i dont get that yellow screen
    when i lock it.. what should i do.. ny suggetions

  21. Levani Kurtauli says:

    fuck! where is this apps names???!

  22. Alireza Lotfabadi says:

    just note 3 :X

  23. Mohammad Irfan Safdar Ali says:

    Simply Note 3 is the Best Phone in the Market…. I am using it like a pc I
    have bluetooth keyboard and mouse…. and for TV HDML cable…… THE BEST
    MY NOTE 3.

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